About us

Want to know little about us?

Ro-Server Hosting has established itself as A New Ragnarok Hosting service provider. We offer 24/7 uptime and almost 99% lagless hosting service, as well as most recent hardware and software solutions to bring stability and speed. We are an established and reputable RO hosting company that you can be sure will be here tomorrow and always be there to stand behind the package you subscribe from us.

Our company is staffed around the clock with highly trained, dedicated and friendly technicians ready to assist you with any problems you have. And when things are running well, we don't sit around, we monitor our network to make sure it is running at peak performance. Plus, you can also reach out to our staffs to request mod additions and improvements to our services or any other suggestions you have in mind.

Terms and Conditions

  • Money can not be refund, transfer or any changing of form upon cancellation.
  • Customers have to pay advance for every month. Late payment will lead the service to be stopped.
  • Hoster will not hold any responsibility to any illegal transaction or trading.
  • No p2p activities, file sharing(other than server client and patch), irc server , ddos attack or any illegal activities will be allowed.
  • Abuse of using dedicated server will lead to immediate termination of service, without any refund.
  • Lifetime domain will last as long the subscription of service is continued.
  • The copyright of Ragnarok Online is still goes to Gravity.